New Routes

We are adopting a new policy of not posting the routes.

We work hard to scout them out and want to keep them a secret until it’s almost time to ride.

We also only want to tell our participants the secret, so they will be sent to all registered riders by email on Sept 18th, along with instructions on how to load them onto your GPS device, or use the old fashioned paper cue sheet and map approach.

You are in for a real treat.

Author: zone3sportsgmailcom

Rick used to say his best times were well out of reach nowadays, and that he still tries really hard, and he's there to help you achieve your potential, and then came Sept 16th, 2006 and he popped an unbelievable 8:41:14 Iron Distance at the Esprit Triathlon in Montreal. This was a whopping 41min best time, for a guy that had already gone 9:23. And to add encouragement to everyone, he turned 40 that year!! As a triathlete, Rick was given All American Team status three times as a junior (ranked Top Five in North America), then turned professional and raced around the world in everything from Olympic Distance (best time of 1:45) to Half Ironman (best time of 3:57) to Ironman (best time of 8:41:14). He raced on the French professional team based in Salon de Provence in 1989/90/91, racking up numerous wins and rarely being out of the top 10 finishers.

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