Almost ride day 2018

Hey gang.

You are receiving this email because you are registered in the Cyclosportive Perth this coming Saturday

The quick synopsis of this email:

  • We go rain or shine…..
  • Ride Day:
    • All rides leave from the Perth Lion’s Club, at 50 Arthur St.
    • Free Parking, washrooms, water fill up, bananas, Velofix ….
    • Mandatory rider sign out from 7-9:15
    • Start times are flexible, but 188 k goes at 8, 118k Dirty Ride goes at 9, 100k Road Ride goes at 9:30
    • Rider sign in upon return
    • Behave yourself on the roads
    • Thanks to BUSHTUKAH and VELOFIX for their support

See below for the not-so-quick synopsis:

  1. Cyclosportive Perth goes rain or shine.  It is up to you to decide to participate or not, and to dress appropriately.  
  2. People can register in person on ride morning at the Perth Lion’s Club at 50 Arthur St. (the ride venue).
  3. All routes are firmed up. You can print maps and cue sheets from the Ride with GPS routes link.  We will have cue sheets printed up for each route, but not maps. Each route will also have a different colour coded duct tape before and after each turn and intersection. No tape means no turn. Angled tape means turn.
  4. If you wish to load the routes onto your GPS device, such as Garmin, feel free.  It’s a great benefit. Before you download, we suggest you set the advance notification to 100m (the default distance is 30m, but that is too close).  This can be done by following the instructions on the Routes page on

Once again, we have received fantastic support from BUSHTUKAH and VELOFIX who will be your on-course bike support and rest stop staff, as well as OLGA’S DELI for the yummy food at the end of the ride.  


Start Location: Perth Fairgrounds, 50 Arthur St, Perth, On

We all love our bikes, but please leave them outside the building while you do your stuff inside.

7-9:15 AM–Registration and kit pick-up, MANDATORY RIDER SIGN-IN

Cyclosportive Perth is a small and friendly event that prides itself on delivering what is necessary for you to have a good time, and delivering it as efficiently as possible.  While we are the first to thank you for your punctuality, the registration and MANDATORY rider sign in process should take about 2 min per person, so there is no need to arrive hours early.  Our start times are staggered so lineups should be short and quick.

Why is rider sign in MANDATORY?

We really want to keep track of who started the ride and who finished the ride.  That way, we know everyone is back safe and sound.


START TIMES are flexible, so you can really start almost any time around our start times.  This will reduce crowding on the road at the start.

  • 8AM–188k– turns are marked with HOT PINK tape tape on the asphalt
  • 9AM–Dirty 106k– marked with GREEN tape and green arrows (tape does not stick to dirt roads very well)
  • 9:30AM–95k– marked with ORANGE tape


  • 1PM-5PM – Please remember to SIGN IN after your ride, so we know you made it back safely.
  • first beer is on us, but you need to SIGN IN to get your beer ticket.


On site, FREE.  Lots of room.


On site, men’s and women’s


95k Roadie Route–marked orange tape

  • 65k at Narrows Lock

188k Roadie Route–hot pink

  • 94.5k at Battersea General Store
  • 157k at Narrows Lock

Dirty 106k–green tape and green arrows (tape does not stick to the dirt very well so we have to use signs too)

  • 65k at the intersection of Althorpe and Concession 2


  • water, e-load, Coke
  • chips, pretzels, various fruit, bars, cookies
  • if you require something special, give it to Rick and it will be brought to Westport.


While we have mechanical assistance rolling around the courses, with 300k to patrol, we cannot guarantee prompt arrival of said services, so it is incumbent on you to be reasonably self-sufficient if you need something fixed.  

Every rider should show up with the following:

  • knowledge of how to fix a flat tire and basic bike repair
  • spare tube
  • tire levers
  • pump (preferred) or CO2 cartridge (2 of them)
  • multi-tool

Dress appropriately for the weather.  


There have been lots of questions about the dirty sections.  

Okay, that’s not quite true: they are the same three questions, just asked lots of times.

How dirty are the dirty roads?  

  • Not very.  The dirty sections are all hard packed cottage roads.  Easy to ride and in quite good shape.
  • There is a 5km section between 55-60k that is fairly gnarly, so caution will need to be taken here.

What size tires do I need?

  • 25’s will work, and 28’s will be better, and 32’s would be best due to that one section.

How much of the route is dirty?

  • roughly 50k

Our Rider Code of Conduct

We want you to have fun in your Cyclosportive Perth, and we want you to be safe.  We also want to leave a great impression on the locals and the motorists, so we’ve put together a list of guidelines that we feel will help achieve all these goals.

General Code:

Do not litter, ever, but especially on the course. Please clean up after yourself and others if they are not considerate enough to do it themselves.

Obey the Rules of the Road, especially those below.  If you break them, you are responsible for any consequences incurred as a result of breaking them.

  • stop at STOP signs and red lights;  There are only a handful on any of the routes, so it’s not like it will be a big imposition.
  • signal your turns
  • we are in Canada–ride on the right side of the road
  • unless passing or peeling off the front, please ride no more than two abreast, and as far to the right side of the road as is safe

Cyclosportive Specific

  • Rider sign in on Saturday is MANDATORY.  We need to know who is actually riding, and what route they are riding.
  • Please remember to SIGN OUT after your ride, so we know you made it back safely.
  • We ask that you carry either a cell phone or a smartphone from which you can text to 613-290-3238 or email to
  • You are not obligated to ride the route you signed up for–if it’s nice out, and you feel good, feel free to ride a bit longer.  If it is not nice out, or you are not feeling great, feel free to shut it down early.
  • However, we ask that in the event of you changing routes/distances, to please e-mail us at and let us know, just so we know where you are. This applies especially to those who may be taking a ‘shortcut’ back to Perth that is not one of the official routes.  We cannot patrol every road, so if you are not on one of our routes, we’d like to know about it.
  • Remember, Cyclosportive Perth is not a race.  There are no results or timed sections, therefore there should be no sense of urgency that will lead to bending the Rules of the Road to save time. We certainly do encourage you to be expedient, but we also discourage going fast in unsafe or populated areas.  Take your time in these areas, be safe, and enjoy the day.
  • We have a suggested time limit of your being done by 4PM so you have an hour or so to relax post ride.  Please choose your route accordingly.

Most importantly though, thank you for participating.  We are looking forward to providing you with an excellent day of riding.

Take care,

Rick and Don


Author: zone3sportsgmailcom

Rick used to say his best times were well out of reach nowadays, and that he still tries really hard, and he's there to help you achieve your potential, and then came Sept 16th, 2006 and he popped an unbelievable 8:41:14 Iron Distance at the Esprit Triathlon in Montreal. This was a whopping 41min best time, for a guy that had already gone 9:23. And to add encouragement to everyone, he turned 40 that year!! As a triathlete, Rick was given All American Team status three times as a junior (ranked Top Five in North America), then turned professional and raced around the world in everything from Olympic Distance (best time of 1:45) to Half Ironman (best time of 3:57) to Ironman (best time of 8:41:14). He raced on the French professional team based in Salon de Provence in 1989/90/91, racking up numerous wins and rarely being out of the top 10 finishers.

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