Ride Code of Conduct

Rider Code of Conduct

We want you to have fun in your Cyclosportive Perth, and we want you to be safe.  We also want to leave a great impression on the locals and the motorists, so we’ve put together a list of ‘rules’ that we feel will help achieve all these goals.

General Code:

Do not litter, ever, but especially on the course. Please clean up after yourself and others if they are not considerate enough to do it themselves.

Obey the Rules of the Road, especially those below.  If you break them, you are responsible for any consequences incurred as a result of breaking them.

  • stop at STOP signs and red lights;
  • signal your turns
  • we are in Canada–ride on the right side of the road
  • no more than two abreast, and as far to the right side of the road as is safe

Cyclosportive Specific

  • Rider sign in on Saturday is MANDATORY.  We need to know who is actually riding, and what route they are riding.
  • Please remember to SIGN OUT after your ride, so we know you made it back safely.
  • We ask that you carry either a cell phone or a smart phone from which you can text to 613-290-3238 or e-mail to zone3sports@gmail.com
  • You are not obligated to ride the route you signed up for–if it’s nice out, and you feel good, feel free to ride a bit longer.  If it is not nice out, or you are not feeling great, feel free to shut it down early.
  • However, we ask that in the event of you changing routes/distances, to please e-mail us at zone3sports@gmail.com and let us know, just so we know where you are. This applies especially to those who may be taking a ‘short cut’ back to Perth that is not one of the official routes.  We cannot patrol every road, so if you are not on one of our routes, we’d like to know about it.
  • Cyclosportive Perth is not a race.  There are no results or timed sections, therefore there should be no sense of urgency that will lead to bending the Rules of the Road to save time. Put the hurt on your buddies on the open road, then relax in busy areas.
  • We certainly do encourage you to be expedient, but we also discourage going fast in unsafe or populated areas.  Take your time in these areas, be safe, and enjoy the day.
  • We have suggested time limit of your being done by 4PM so you have an hour or so to relax post ride.  Please choose your route accordingly.

Registration Closed for now

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