Rider FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up for the 100k ride, but feel better prepared than I expected.  Can I switch distances?

Absolutely.  You can also downshift your distance as well.   No charge.  Just tell us ahead of time.  You can even change mid-ride, but we ask you to text us at 613-290-3238 or e-mail us at zone3sports@gmail.com so we know where you are.

Are the start times firm, as in we all line up together for the start?

Yes, and no.  Yes in that each ride distance will line up together, and no in that you can leave a wee bit early or a wee bit behind if you want.

Can I start earlier or later?

We prefer you start with your ride distance, but it really is up to you.

How firm are the time limits?

The time limits are guidelines and we simply ask you to consider the staff and volunteers’ time commitment when choosing your distance.  We would like all riders done by 4 PM so they have time to enjoy the post ride festivities. We understand things can happen on the open roads, so estimate your ride time on a trouble free day.  Rest assured, though, we won’t shut anything down until 5, but after 4, we will start wondering if we should go looking for you.

When will the maps be uploaded?

Mid June.

The routes will be well signed, but just in case, we ask that you print the ride directions and bring them with you (in a zip lock bag).

What kind of support will there be on the courses?

Fueling–Aid stations will be roughly every 50k and staffed by knowledgeable bike folks.  Each station will be stocked differently based on which store is sponsoring it.  Each station will have water, an electrolyte replacement drink, gels and simple ride foods.

Mechanical–We have great support from many of the local bike stores.  They will be out on the courses with a full set of tools, qualified mechanic, tires, spokes and a few other pieces of equipment to help you out of a jam so you can continue on your way.  HOWEVER, the support vehicles could be as much as 50k away on some of the routes, so every rider should have a spare tube, tire irons, pump or CO2 cartridge and the ability to change a flat.  If, at a minimum, you have the necessary equipment to repair a problem, but not the knowledge or ability, at least someone else may be able to help you.

Can I go into towns along the way to get food?

Absolutely!  The routes will skirt by the edge of various towns and if you feel like a quick pit stop, go right ahead.  This is one of the benefits of a non-timed event, though you do still have to make the cut off time.

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