Cyclosportive Perth Routes

After several year of the same routes, we switched them up in 2018 to great success.  We found some wonderful new roads for all three rides and will use them again in 2019.  There may be some tweaks, but basically the same routes.

We’ll use the TCX file version of the route you are registered for.  Once we send it, you can simply move it over to your GPS unit.  We will send instructions at the same time.

That said, if you have a Garmin, and want to load them, here are the instructions:

To download the TCX file to your GPS device:

  • Go to the route you need using the link above
  • Select the route you want across the bottom
  • Click on view full (NOT Download)
  • Click on More
  • Choose Export as file
  • Choose TCX or FIT file type
  • Ensure Turn Notification Distance is set at 100m
  • Click Download .tcx or .fit file.  This will start the download process.
  • Go to Downloads on your computer
  • Plug your device in to your computer, then
  • Copy the file to your device into the New File folder (not Routes)
  • Check to make sure the file has been copied into the correct folder, then unplug and turn your GPS device on.  This should move the file from New Files into the Courses folder where you can find it.
  • Check to make sure it is there.

You are probably thinking it would make more sense to copy the file into the Routes folder.  I agree, but alas, I am not the genius that came up with this protocol.

When it comes to the information on your route screen, you can choose to have whatever you want, but I would strongly suggest you have at least Distance to Next as one of your lines.  This can be found under the Navigation category (not Distance).  This will let you know how far to the next turn or name change of the road.  In fact, it will count down and beep 100m before the turn (as programmed above).  So 400m away is really 500m.

On ride day, turn on your computer, go to routes, find your route, click on it. Go Ride.  Don’t forget to hit the start button 🙂